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Diseño y nostalgia

Isabel Campi


Diseño y nostalgia



Isabel Campi

Isabel Campi (1951) is an industrial designer and design historian. She studied at the Eina University School of Design and Art of Barcelona, the London College of Furniture and the University of Barcelona, where she received her PhD with her thesis on product design in the 20th century.

She has taught for 35 years, mainly at the Massana and Eina design schools, as well as other centres in Barcelona. She has published numerous academic and informative books on design and design history. For 40 years her work has contributed to introducing this discipline in Spain.

She is the founder and president of the Design History Foundation and one of the leading voices on the Spanish academic panorama in the field of design.

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Isabel Campi

 |  2008
Fertile Eyes

This title gathers a series of short unrelated essays, originated from a course on history that the author gave to design students. These essays share a common theme, which is the main tool that historians use to carry out to approach any theme: time. The reflections that arose in the lecture hall revealed the need to address the past, which leads to realize that many of the phenomena that seem modern are not, as well as to refer to the past in order to be genuinely innovative and modern, through the questioning and reinterpretation of what has already been done.

With time, these essays grew and took shape, resulting in this book, with a central chapter where the author explores why, in our world of hypertechnical objects, nostalgia for the past has become a collective obsession. This work displays some guidelines to a better understanding of the material world that surrounds us, and leads to a reflection on the rich connection between time and design.


ISBN: 978-84-934626-7-3
Isabel Campi – 2008
Paperback, 23.5 cm x 16 cm / 9.25″ x 6.3″
223 pp
55 b/w ilustrations

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