“Nightfall conversations”

Sharing to become one
Through chitters, laughter
Looking around and feeling at home
With salty skin
Wet hair
The twilight,
And a table
for all of us

A companion for adventure and quiet time alike


Cestita Alubat is the latest addition to the Cesta family. Robust yet lightweight, this version is ready for action indoors and out. Always elegant in its sobriety whether in a black or olive green finish.

The Sylvestrina lamp follows you around.


“It was named after an old fisherman from El Port de la Selva called Silvestre; tall, rugged and elegant. A bottle half-filled with light, or half-empty? Bottle in the half-light. A softly lit oil lamp.” – Jordi Garcés and Enric Sòria

A faithful companion


Básica Mínima Batería is the portable version of Básica Mínima. Its cylindric structure, made of birch wood, holds two lampshade options: pleated natural parchment and ribbon stitched. With a light touch, the lamp turns on and off, making it a light and practical companion.