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Klas Ernflo. Legs with shoes

February 9, 2024 June 7, 2024

Galería Santa & Cole Mexico City


In collaboration with Diez Company, the recently inaugurated Galería Santa & Cole in Mexico City presents its first contemporary art exhibition, Legs with shoes from Swedish artist Klas Ernflo, as part of the Zona MACO fair. At the same time, it showcases an installation by the renowned artist and colourist Claudia Valsells.

Klas Ernflo. Legs with shoes

The work of Klas Ernflo (Stockholm, 1975) is an intriguing visual puzzle, the result of a spontaneous yet introspective process. His work is characterised by the decontextualisation of the object, questioning its form, playing with color, and the presentation of a humorous perspective on objects and our relationship with them.

Thus, the exhibition Legs with shoes is an ode to the beauty and simplicity of objects which, intertwined with elements of nature, serve as both witnesses and integral parts of everyday life. The exhibition includes Neoseries (Santa & Cole art editions) and a composition on hand-sewn canvas in the form of a collage.


Claudia Valsells. The chromatic interplay

As a colourist, Claudia Valsells (Barcelona, 1969) carries out a chromatic study that reveals a new visual and emotional perception of Miguel Milá’s iconic M64 lamp. The artist approaches her chromatic studies through a constant juxtaposition of colours. In her own words: “The key lies in placing one colour next to another, so as to influence their perception and achieve the desired visual experience”.

During the process of the colour study for Santa & Cole, Valsells developed the interaction of the selected colours as chromatic harmonies, which have been captured in six Neoseries.


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