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Table lamps

Our table lamps are timeless light sculptures designed to fulfil their purpose perfectly. Not only do they ensure a comfortable light, but they actually inspire greater quality of work or of life, and they are sublime to look at.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps stand tall to see and illuminate us. They are like household lighthouses that warn us of hidden rocks. They might be general, describing an entire space before us, or focused, to help us read or make crafts while seated.   Having different personalities, our floor lamps present themselves as great companions for any given situation.

Wall lamps

If the bull's eye light (or downlight) expresses a fear of deciding on a particular model of lamp, the wall lamp asserts your need for style. Their location horizontal to a ceiling or vertical to a wall can be very useful in corridors or for your night-time rest.

Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps, suspended in the air, are structures that stand up for themselves. Volume is the key issue. The more subtle they are, the lighter they will be on the eyes. The more robust or complex, the more strident or assertive.


Battery-run portable lamps, with autonomous rechargeable power, come and go according to our moods. They must be usable outside, lightweight, adaptable and of a quality that invites us to use them often.


All those items whose materials or electrical components (minimum IP54 rating) can accompany us outdoors, on porches, terraces and in gardens. Life outside is uplifted by the use of congenial props for our politeness.