Copenaghen (Dinamarca)

Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s leading hospital, recently inaugurated its new Patient Hotel and Administrative Building, designed by 3XN Architects. A building designed as an open, supportive and comfortable environment for patients, as well as an efficient work environment for the hospital’s administrative staff.

We have designed a building with these open atria to offer good visual contact, instead of the closed corridors usually associated with hospitals,” said Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN Creative Director and Founder. “In addition, we ensured that ample daylight and warm materials and colours create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, which serves as a comforting environment during a difficult period.”

The oval-shaped organic forms of the Aarhus wall lamp designed by Erik Moller and Arne Jacobsen, one of the fathers of Danish modern design, help to convey the warm, affable, and pleasant atmosphere required in the space.


3XN Architects

Adam Mørk