London Design Festival 2018: exhibition ‘Common Senses’

On the occasion of the London Design FestivalViaduct founder James Mair has selected five internationally renowned designers, including the co-founder of Santa & Cole Nina Masó, to curate ‘Common Senses’, a show that strips the design process back to its primordial roots through the exploration of the quality and simplicity of materials.

The designers are Ilse Crawford, academic, designer and creative director of Studioilse; Farah Ebrahimi, Art Director of e15; Nani Marquina, textile designer and creative director of the eponymous hand-crafted rug company Nanimarquina; artist Fien Muller, the co-partner of Belgian furniture project Muller Van Severen and Nina Masó, co-founder of Santa & Cole.

Common Sense has been formed by a series of installations in which each designer explores the building blocks of their design processes revealing their take on the functional, cultural and sociological significance of life’s everyday objects. In particular, Nina Masó has presented timeless objects with a highly diverse range of origins and uses, which share the same concept of design, reflecting a specific lifestyle.

“To conceive light is to consider how we live and reflect our material culture: not accumulating but rather selecting; not delighting in quantity but rather in quality; not showing but rather sharing.” “We present lamps that embody comfort rather than impact, that interact with their surroundings, whether in the home or in communal areas, in the absence of sunlight.” Nina Masó.

Santa & Cole’s lighting has been displayed among Nani Marquina’s exquisite rugs as their collections reflect a shared commitment to creating objects that refine the everyday.

The opening event includes a talk with Ilse Crawford, Fien Muller, Nani Marquina, Farah Ebrahimi and Nina Maso led by Libby Sellers, author of Women Design.