Tatu: André Ricard´s 1970s pop icon

A pioneer in industrial design in Spain, André Ricard revolutionised the market with this original, flexible lamp.

Tatu takes us back to carefree days, when consumer goods came to European middle classes and their children boldly embarked on a huge aesthetic revolution in which everything was contorted, from Andy Warhol to The Beatles to Mary Quant. Everything could be expressed differently.

Inspired by the public intimacy afforded by reading lights on planes, Tatu is an object-lamp designed for those moments of private reading or for activities that require a highly concentrated light source.

“The idea for the Tatu lamp arose because I like to read in bed at night and this was an obstacle, because my wife does not. There was a problem to solve. Seeing how I could read on aeroplanes at night thanks to a spotlight that only illuminated my book, whilst the rest remained in semi-darkness, I said to myself: Why can the same solution not be adopted at home? It was not a case of affixing a spotlight to the ceiling. I looked for a free-standing system that would allow a beam of light to be directed. This was the starting point for the Tatu lamp.” – André Ricard

Accordingly, the solution was to design a mechanical body formed by three rotating segments that allow the beam of light to be focussed in every direction.

After almost 50 years, Santa & Cole is re-editing this classic, enhancing the light performance by incorporating LED technology, which makes the light intensity easy to adapt (from 0 to 100% in linear progression) and the source far less hot and longer lasting, but it also includes a moveable converging lens that extends or reduces the focal length between the light column (30º opening) and the general diffuser (50º opening). This means that the intensity and focal length are now adjustable.


With this re-edition, Santa & Cole is reinforcing its Design Classics Collection, which already includes such masters as Antoni de Moragas, Arne Jacobsen, Ilmari Tapiovaara, Josep Torres i Clavé and Miguel Milá.


A champion of industrial design in Spain, André Ricard has contributed definitively to both the social and entrepreneurial development of this discipline. He has been President of the ADI-FAD (Design Association of the Fad), Founding President of the ADP (Association of Professional Designers), Vice President of the ICSID (International Council of Design), Vice President of the BCD (Barcelona Design Centre), Member of the Faculty of the Art Center (Vevey, Switzerland), Head of Department of Product Design at Barcelona Eina Design School as well as Trustee of its Foundation, and also President of Design for the World (a design NGO).


At present, he is Honorary Trustee of the Loewe Foundation, Honorary Member of Sant Jordi Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Professor Emeritus of Barcelona Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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