Barcelona (Spain)


The aim of the project on the new corporate headquarters for the American creative technological consultancy ThoughWorks sought to define a job environment where employee comfort lies at the heart of the strategy, creating a pleasant, inclusive, diverse environment.


The offices are split into several rooms partitioned by large sound curtains, making it possible to enclose smaller-sized domestic areas that can be altered according to the activities that need to be carried out.


As a result, a huge array of areas are offered allowing people to conduct their work standing up, around a table, lying on a lounger, etc., thus providing an answer to the countless working possibilities that are needed.

Moreover, the décor embraces local designs and makes use of materials such as straw, clay, wood or cotton canvas. All of these have an indigenous tradition and are handicraft products, such as the designs for the TMM and M64 lamps from interior design master Miguel Milá, which help to convey a warm, affable, sensual feeling of familiarity conducive to working in an office.


Project carried out by:


JAAS Julià Arquitectes Associats Albert Clèries, Jordi Gorgues, Manuel Julià


José Hevia