Home in Mitre

Barcelona, España

Designed to recover the domesticity of the home, this complete refurbishment uncovers elements of its sophisticated original infrastructure.

Designed by Bajet Giramé
Collaborators Gina Cebamanos, Huguet Mallorca, GID, Imar, Ardèvol Associats

Photography José Hevia

Architects Bajet Giramé penned the new design, characterised by the structural rawness of this building from the 1970s, where the traditional Catalan vault is accompanied by freestanding columns and beams with their rough welds.


The project responds the needs of its inhabitants in a lightweight construction consisting of four boxes of birch wood. The sum of diagonally concatenated scenarios brings clarity to every corner.

Santa & Cole’s HeadHat Plate lamps create ambiences that invite to a cosy retreat. The dish-shaped, bevelled metal shade projects general light. A wide range of colours and sizes for a piece that provides good heat dissipation and a generous light from its LED capsule. Based on modular and interchangeable HeadHat plates where a single light capsule can be compatible with various shades.

Beauty resides in the modularity of spaces and objects that embrace change.