Barceloneta Restaurant

Barcelona, Spain

Created by Tarruella Trenchs, the new aesthetic of this gastronomic space faithfully reinforces its essential seaside character. Keeping the focus on warmth, the project brings clarity and richness to the materials.

Creative direction Tarruella Trenchs
Collaborators Pia Galofré, Blanca Comin

Photography Meritxell Arjalaguer

The colours of a large ceramic mural give way to the main staircase. A reflection of the establishment’s liveliness, inspired by the codes of nautical flags. A play on naval symbols, fully in tune with the Mediterranean air of the place. Wood and other natural fibres harmonise with dense vegetation and a chromatic range that contrasts navy blue with ochres and stone shades.

The Barceloneta brings together contemporary elements and design character. Maija lamps pay tribute to their creator, Ilmari Tapiovaara. In the pendant and tabletop versions, the honeycomb structure composed of stacked white metal discs illuminates from the inside out. An expression of the feeling of subtle luminosity typical of Baltic cities.

Also bathed in natural light, there are other Santa & Cole pieces. The iconic TMM and Cesta lamps, familiar designs by Miguel Milá. And the FAD, its hollowed cylindrical oak structure supporting a white linen lampshade, which shines but does not dazzle. Classics that are at home near the sea.

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