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Publication for Legs with Shoes

Klas Ernflo


Klas Ernflo

As graphic design graduate from Beckmans College of Design (Sweden), Klas Ernflo landed in Barcelona in 2001, a city that captivated him and quickly became his home. Having experimented with drawing from a very young age, Ernflo abandoned the more commercial aspect of graphic design (which made him win a Laus prize in 2009) to pursue the creative freedom that art offered him. Klas Ernflo has thus maintained a thematic and formal thread throughout his independent and commissioned work, returning again and again to the insinuation of the figure through organic forms and a very characteristic use of colour.

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| 2023

Published alongside his exhibition at Galeria Santa & Cole Barcelona Legs with Shoes, this newspaper by Klas Ernflo is based on one of the exhibited works, Tracks: a polyptych of 18 pieces now reinterpreted in a piece that invites a new reading perspective.


– 2023
Newspaper format, 37 cm x 29 cm / 14.57″ x 11.42″
10 pp
20 color illustrations

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