Olympic Barcelona

It all began with Barcelona ’92

The 1992 Olympic Games constituted the driving force behind Barcelona city’s economic, urban and social change.


“We are forging the city of 1993” was the slogan that became popular once the city had been chosen to host the Olympic Games. The Games formed the pretext for heightening the pace of the city’s most ambitious, long-term development plans in order to coincide with what Barcelona needed and its citizens longed for.


The primary goal of this major project was for the Olympic Games to provide the rationale for the city’s development plans. In the few years before the event was held, a major overhaul of the city’s urban fabric began to make it accessible for those from outside and enable them to coexist alongside the resident population. The city’s vibrant nature was assured and Barcelona reclaimed the seafront of a settlement that had hitherto turned its back on the Mediterranean Sea. Lights were switched on in popular neighbourhoods and new areas for citizens to come together began to emerge; areas that were designed first and foremost for people, coexistence and quality of life thanks to the urban regeneration of the city.


Four years before the Olympic Games were held, Santa & Cole –which had hitherto been dedicated to editing interior lighting and furniture– took to the streets and embarked on an exciting journey with the support of some of the key stakeholders in this major city revamp project. It was in this atmosphere of festivity and transformation that some of the elements by major architects and designers of the ilk of Màrius QuintanaBeth Galí and Miguel Milá, –which were subsequently included in our first Urban Collection catalogue– were edited.


Ever since, and especially today as we mark the 25th anniversary of Olympic Barcelona, we have remained proud of having been part of the remarkable team of people and companies that shaped our city.

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