Light without sunlight in Tokyo

Tokyo (Japan)

After offering an explanation for our conception of light and comfort in New York, Milan and Madrid, we moved to Tokyo in order to take the experience further in cooperation with our partner in Japan: Lynn Inkoop, and its guests.

In transforming a studio into a house that is characteristic of Santa & Cole we benefitted from the cooperation of our co-founder and editor Nina Masó in order to tell the story of how we manage to enliven others’ lives through light; a chronological journey through the most iconic historical products and the latest developments from our indoor catalogue.

For the event we gave an exclusive presentation of our latest product: Tekiò by Anthony Dickens. The Japanese paper pendant lamp inspired by the traditional Asian lanterns took on an especially significant role owing to its artisanal creation process, the optimal quality materials used, its LED structure and its flexibility.

As part of the set-up of the modern classics collection, Cestita Batería by Miguel Milá, Maija by Ilmari Tapiovaara and Gira by Ferrer, Massana and Tremoleda, were particularly prominent. These three object lamps aroused widespread interest owing to their history, their formal clarity and the fact that they blend in with the similar lifestyles of both cultures.

Thank you for your warm reception Tokyo, Arigato.


Lynn Inkoop Tokyo office
Kappazaka Terrace 3F, Ichigaya-Nakanocho 2-10, Shinjukuku Tokyo
Tel 03 6323 8293

Photography by Hirotaka Hashimoto