Jordi Miralbell, Indoor Editor

Jordi Miralbell

Barcelona (1953 – 2015)

Editor at Santa & Cole (1989 – 2007)


“Design is the art of turning the utilitarian into desirable, into human warmth, something created by man for man.”


Marrying design with craftsmanship and forever seeking simplicity in their own products, Jordi Miralbell and his wife Mariona Raventós have been a very high benchmark in post-Olympic Barcelona design. The Miralbell + Raventós couple brought a wide range of lighting and home furnishings to Santa & Cole. The Dórica, Pie de Garza, Tosca, Comodín, Boa, Sólida, Disco, Gala, Nova, Suma, Turca and Vertical lamps; the Nif Naf Nuf stools, and the Oslo armchair, among others, have formed and continue to form part of our company´s backlist.


Jordi Miralbell was always a scrupulous, honest editor. During his full 18 years at the forefront of Santa & Cole´s Indoor catalogue, he was able to gain the most solid international recognition of successive generations of products. In addition, he was forever a free spirit with the demanding ambition of material decency. Today, we are moved by his death, though his legacy lives on.


Picture by: Carme Masià

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