Galería Santa & Cole

The first Galería Santa & Cole, in Barcelona, is born as an invitation to touch, understand and feel in first person different expressions of material culture: art with Neoseries, and music with the instruments of Milagro Luthiers, in conjunction with its consolidated collection of lamps and furniture.

Galería Santa & Cole joins nanimarquina in the same space where culture is lived and experienced in all its expressions. Rosselló 256, nanimarquina’s store since 2009, is configured as a place to stroll, contemplate and share. And enjoy. Two design references in Barcelona join forces in a dynamic space that exceeds the limits of a regular store, turning it into an inspiring meeting point.

Photography: Claudia Maurino

Photography: Claudia Maurino

A stroll through new worlds, the title of the first exhibition, demonstrates that we truly defend art and music are as good as design, as much a companion as the most attuned light can be. After joining excellent people, we now present our art edition which identifies us as well as the quality of our innovative musical instruments.


The space exhibits certified works by Miriam Dema, Carmen Galofré, Marcos Isamat, Silvia Martínez Palou and Bea Sarrias, five artists from our city with whom we like to coexist.
All of these works are reliable, even though there’s only one original. The Neoseries are authentic replicas and are made with such attention to detail, with such care in their chromatic reproduction in the same format, that they guarantee the same aesthetic experience as the original but at a much lower price. This means that more people can enjoy the same piece in their homes. The artist personally participates in the production and receives the rights. The craft of design editions can also promote the dissemination of art.


Also, our luthiers show their expertise with the instruments through Milagro. The application of new materials and techniques allows the best vibrations for each one to express what is inside. Music is an astonishment and sharing it is an act of love. Try them and enjoy.


A stroll through new worlds is a metaphor for our journey into ourselves.

Photgraphy: Pol Renau

photography: Pol Renau

Address: Rosselló 256, Barcelona
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11h to 14:30h and 15:30h to 20h

The Galería Santa & Cole will remain closed from the 9th until the 16th of August (included).