Function and emotion

Skyline and Kazimir Malevich´s Suprematism

We rarely stop to think about the space around us, about how its different objects are interlinked and determine it, because the objects relate to each other and we to them. The urban space is a shared scenario where increasingly complex complementary realities converge, and where street furniture can act in unison in two different ways, meeting a functional need and transmitting symbolism.


In this twofold sense, Skyline, designed by Antoni Roselló, is a functional object, but the overlapping light and colour conveys sensitivity through the geometric abstraction of basic forms, like those that inspired Kazimir Malevich?s Russian Suprematism in his day.


New urban settings are therefore a canvas for sense experimentation, providing a new context where art and function interact to create richer, more expressive environments. More functional and more human.


Geometry, simple lines, dynamics and constructive possibilities have inspired a new avenue of exploration for Skyline. A new collection of models and finishes have been created in keeping with the line, offering unlimited compositional possibilities.


Art direction by Mucho.
Photography by Roc Canals.

Paints by Kazimir Malevich. Photographs by Roc Canals

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