Galería Santa & Cole

Galería Santa & Cole

A walk through new worlds

The first Galería Santa & Cole in Barcelona is now open. A place to get closer to you through our way of understanding beauty. A place to stroll, contemplate and share. And enjoy.

A walk through new worlds, the inaugural exhibition, configures itself as a declaration of intentions. In it, the work of five artists from Barcelona enter into conversation: Silvia Martínez Palou, Bea Sarrias, Marcos Isamat, Miriam Dema, and Carmen Galofré. Five painters who show us their different ways of looking at the world, yet all confluent in a common point: beauty. Because, although subjective, at Santa & Cole we have been defending it for over 35 years: sober and simple, but also capable of elevating the spirit.

In Carmen Galofré’s work there is a constant desire to paint the intangible: the air, the atmosphere, the light. A light that sneaks through the blinds to conceal or reveal the architectural details of Bea Sarrias, and that plays with its reflections in the pencil work of Marcos Isamat. In turn, Miriam Dema uses everyday and natural elements, creating scenarios that evoke warmth. Her organic painting contrasts with the geometry of Silvia Martínez Palou's facades, whose system of layers teaches us to break down architecture and discover the life that is necessarily within it.

We invite you to experience together the pleasure of beauty, discovering the new worlds in which these artists encourage you to enter.

C/ Roselló 256, Barcelona.

Summer Schedule:
Tuesday to Saturday, from 11h to 14:30h and 15:30h to 20h⁠.