Within reach of your senses

Since the beginning of 2021, we will open the doors of our headquarters in Parc de Belloch, which is located about 30 km of Barcelona. Being known as Belloch (bello loco, pulchro loco) since 972, this place steeped in history is home to a church that houses the main showroom and art gallery of Santa & Cole

Here we will present our exhibitions, an experience driven by the intersection of history, design and art. You can visit it virtually on this page, but nothing is more exciting than the presence.

We will be delighted to welcome you.


The same emotion as the original

The universalization of art is hindered by the uniqueness of the unique piece. If there is only one work, it can only be admired in one place. To solve this problem, different methods of multiplication have been conceived since ancient times, producing limited series to a closed number.

At Santa & Cole, we apply production methods typical of design editions to our art editions. We make reproductions of very high quality, which are identical in format to the original and open in number, thus multiplying the aesthetic experience without devaluing it in its reproduction. This is what we call Neoseries. Furthermore, we settle royalties, so that we can all share what we love.