Galería Santa & Cole

Galería Santa & Cole

A walk through new worlds

The first Galeria Santa & Cole in Barcelona is now open. A place to get closer to you through our way of understanding beauty. A place to stroll, contemplate and share. And enjoy.

Montse Campins (Barcelona, 1955) in the series La Cadencia del Cian, experiments with cyanotype, articulating, by means of the repetition of the image, a rhythm through which to navigate and find in each duplication a new interpretation that is different from the first impression. Questioning whether even if what is repeated is really the same or if it is simply an illusion that mutates as we traverse the work, we are immersed in a cyclical temporal space that hypnotizes us.

The exhibition also shows the series Travelling with Olga, photographs of hidden places, suspended natures, which work as a conceptual axle and give us the clues to read the photographs as if they were all landscapes, with the dynamism and mystery that surround them. This work transcends the family anecdote and composes a photographic universe that challenges us to make our own inner journey.

Montse Campins challenges the imagination and highlights the potential of ancient practices.

We invite you to experience together the pleasure of beauty, discovering the new worlds in which these artists encourage you to enter.

C/ Rosselló 256, Barcelona.

Tuesday to Saturday, from 11h to 14.30h and 15.30h to 20h.