J.M. Tremoleda

Barcelona, 1946

J.M. Tremoleda

Pioneers of industrial design, Massana and Tremoleda have for decades formed a partnership instantly recognisable for its sensible and useful designs. Both were founders of the company Mobles 114 in 1973, together with Francesc Miravitlles and Jordi Domènech. Tremoleda was also the first president of RED (Reunión de Empresas de Diseño) and served as president of ADI-FAD from 1989 to 1990. Tremoleda's career achieved notable recognition when Mobles 114 received Spain's National Design Award in 2001.


Josep María Tremoleda was born in Barcelona in 1946 and was part of the first Design Studies graduating class (1965-1968) at Barcelona's Escola Massana, founded in 1929. While studying, he met Josep María Massana, friend and partner with whom he founded Equip De Disseny, together with Francesc Miravitlles and Josep Doménech. Five years later, together with Mariano Ferrer and Massana, he founded Mobles 114, understood as a furniture store and interior design studio. They marketed the works of famous designers, such as Carles Riart, as well as producing their own designs. It was a period of opportunity in Spain, given the far-reaching political, social and cultural changes underway as the dictatorship came to an end.


Under the guidance of Josep Maria Tremoleda, Mobles 114 created prestigious furniture for Barcelona, contributing to several signature projects in the city. The success was reflected in 2001, when Mobles 114 won the National Design Award. Tremoleda also became involved in Barcelona's design associations, serving as president of ADI-FAD between 1989 and 1990 and being a driving force behind the creation, in 1993, of RED (Reunión de Empresas de Diseño), of which he was the first president.


Forming a long-lasting partnership, Massana and Tremoleda created designs of uncompromising technological quality while keeping production costs low. Functionality was paramount and aesthetics were its consequence. With this design philosophy, they shifted away from purely formalistic exercises to create the Tria bookshelf (1978), the Gira table lamp (1978), and the Havana bench (1990). Currently, the latter two are edited by Santa & Cole and feature in the company's catalogue.


Bold and functional in their approach, J.M. Massana and J.M. Tremoleda reinvented Barcelona's interior aesthetics through their timeless designs, prestigious enterprise and gracious friendship.