Anthony Dickens

Dorset, 1975

Anthony Dickens

After setting up his first studio in 1998, Anthony Dickens founded Studio Make Believe in 2015, from where he creates designs that express simple narratives and re-imagine the everyday objects that surround us. He creates objects that solve problems for some of the world's leading brands, such as Ben and Jerry's, Red Bull and Absolut.  


Born in Dorset in 1975, Anthony Dickens founded his product and furniture design studio in London in 1998. Dickens initially designed and manufactured his own creations, learning to create innovative and functional objects that questioned the everyday life around him.


In 2006, he presented the Origami table line, a set of furniture inspired by hand-carved African tables. From the concept of the stability and hospitality of an African table, he developed an industrialisable wood and glass design that captivated the British public. 


Following his instinct for producing unique furniture, in 2007 he created the Anglepoise® Fifty, a desk lamp designed for engineers and designers who required a focused light to work on their models and designs. It was thought out to the extent of light having the right temperature to help dry their ink as they sketched their creations. This lamp was shortlisted for the London Design Museum's 2007 Design of the Year award. 


In 2010, the British designer travelled to Japan to get to know the country and its rich culture.  The use of bamboo and the craftsmanship of Japanese design products immediately thrilled him, but it was the dim lighting of interiors that took him by surprise. Inspired by this feeling and based on Japanese designs from the 10th century, Anthony Dickens created the Tekiò lamp, published today by Santa & Cole. It is a sculpted lamp dressed in paper and connected by magnets to create linear or circular shapes of different sizes. The result is a family of lamps distinguished by the subtlety of Japanese lighting culture, in the form of modules that adapt to space. Indeed, Tekiò derives its name from the Japanese word for 'adaptation'. The lamp was the winner of the 2018 edition of ADI-FAD's Golden Delta award for the best interior lighting product.  


A prolific and varied creator, in 2015 Anthony Dickens founded Studio Make Believe, where he has joined forces with specialists from various disciplines to create designs for global brands such as Ben and Jerry's, Red Bull, Absolut, Budweiser and Joseph Joseph. Their catalogue ranges from interior furniture, to a variety of lighting or clock designs, among others. 


Anthony Dickens continues to work from his London studio today.