Quality policy

Some people think that in a company the net profit is more important than sales. Others think that staff is more important than profit. Others see customers as more important than internal staff, whereas others think that big customers are more important than small ones. Or that the growth of activities should be taken as the key to success; or that actually it is productivity and efficiency … and so on and so forth. There are numerous takes on the same matter because we are all different. But the question is always there: what does our work in common ultimately mean? 

We declare that Santa & Cole exists to offer honest and high quality relations, products and services. They are designed in pursuit of a healthy material culture.

An honest asset is that which has a worth in itself, through its conformity with reasoning, through its expression of the human ideal. It does not flatter, persuade or deceive. It offers its gift only to those who are able to see it, and is contained in its offer, without tricks. 

Quality, on the other hand, is the set of features that comprise the way we are, and bears witness to our character and temperament, to our nature. Quality is not just about a service commitment, what is good in a project, good design, customer satisfaction, ongoing improvements, staff safety, the joy of life and complying with legal and regulatory requirements. That is: it is not just a matter of civility. For us, quality is also about warmth, proximity, paying attention to others, generosity. This is why we believe that quality and honesty necessarily complement each other. 

Quality and honesty, like love, are determined in the detail. And we strive for them as well as we can. Every day.

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