Jordi Garcés, Enric Sòria

A lamp that returns to embrace moments of relaxation and gather endless summer nights.

In 1974 the architects Enric Sòria and Jordi Garcés designed Sylvestrina, with the intent to reproduce the effect of an oil lamp through its formal simplicity.

Forty-six years later, Santa & Cole re-edits Sylvestrina. Preserving the original version’s warmth, it is adapted to the LED technology and incorporates a battery to escort the users wherever they desire.



Its discreet circular base requires a fine surface to house a rechargeable contact battery. One simply has to press the outer tube down to operate the switch, thus deciding on the desired power, either full or half power.

It bears the name of a fisherman from El Port de la Selva, Silvestre, a tall, serious and elegant man. Half-full or half-empty glass? Half-full glass. Half-full lamp.
Jordi Garcés and Enric Sòria

The release of the electric cable allows Sylvestrina to be placed in the most remote corners emitting a light that shelters. A lamp that reaffirms the beauty of simplicity.

Sylvestrina is always anchored in the subtle atmosphere of trust.
Like the light of a good lamp.

Battery’s power range:
7h on high power – 14h on minimum power

Photography Jara Varela y Enric Badrinas
Motion graphics Mariona Omedes
Space Roig Rubí

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