A minimalist square or rectangular wall lamp with an arched ribbon or parchment shade that prevents the light source from being directly in view from the side. In the 1980s, Santa & Cole championed the revival of natural materials such as wood, paperboard or ribbons, as an alternative to the cold light of halogen bulbs. The aesthetics put forth challenged the dominant fashion at the time, as it supported a warmer modernity that valued craftsmanship.

Each ribboned shade is handcrafted. In our search for the perfect hues, we collaborated with the studio Raw Color in Eindhoven (Holland) to create new ribbons. Each woven from three distinct yarns that created new colours: terracotta, mustard yellow and forest green. The three basic colours in the ribbon collection, natural white, amber red and black (available since 1994) complete the range of six colours available. The hand-stitched parchment version portrays the way Santa & Cole promotes warm lighting through natural materials.


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Technical information

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  • Chrome-plated structure.
    Shade available in 7 finishes: Stitched beige parchment; natural, red-amber or black ribbon and terracotta, mustard or green Raw Color ribbon.
  • Suitable for Outlet Box (UL market).
Light Sources
  • Recommended light source (not included):
  • LED bulb: 4,5W.
  • Other light sources: Max. 60 W
  • Input voltage: 100, 120, 230 Vac. (50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.
  • Bulb socket: E26 (Max. hgt. 105 mm / 4.1")


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Comodín cuadrado
Comodín rectangular
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