La Colilla

Carles Riart. 1976

Some lights can only be seen at night. A sky full of stars. Fireflies dancing in an open field. The embers of a campfire, glowing as the sun fades. This lamp is designed as a companion for music, for conversation, for love. Where the night falls, La Colilla illuminates.

Designed by Carles Riart in 1976, produced by chance and distributed by Gabriel Ordeig Cole, from his first venture Comercial Estelar, La Colilla was Santa & Cole’s first edited product back in 1985.

A translucent two metre tube houses the small neon bulbs which provide the illumination. La Colilla pendant lamp is a low-energy light (less than 1 watt) with an exceptionally long lifespan; it comes without a switch so that it is always left on. Hanging from a delicate thread, it has an appearance of floating in mid-air. It has a variety of uses: in the bedroom or the lounge, providing helpful and guiding light in hallways, stairs or porches, and even as a children’s night light for sweet dreams.


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La Colilla

Technical information

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La Colilla

  • Methacrylate diffuser tube.
    Plug without switch.
  • Electric cable length: 3 m / 118.1"
  • Weight : 1 kg / 2.2 lb
Light Sources
  • Light source included:
  • Neon bulbs strip 3W.
  • Input voltage: 100, 120, 230 Vac. (50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.


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La Colilla
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