Seis diseñadores argentinos de Barcelona

Since the 60s and 70s, Argentina has been the country that has given Spain -and more specifically Barcelona- the largest number of first class designers. Among the most outstanding, we find Mario Eskenazi, Alberto Lievore, Jorge Pensi, Carlos Rolando, Ricardo Rousselot and America Sanchez, five of whom are National Design Prize laureates. Now, using first-hand accounts, Norberto Chaves -another major player in this migratory phenomenon- has assembled a book with multiple characters that addresses the following questions: Why have Argentine designers integrated so successfully into the fabric of Barcelonese life? What did they bring, what did they find and how did they manage to combine both so well? And why does this surprise us? Rather than compiling a mere anthology of the designers' work, the author invites us to listen to a dialogue between two cultural contexts through the six experiences and a clarifying conclusion.


  • ISBN: 84-932053-8-9
    Norberto Chaves, 2006
    Paperback, 21,5 x 26 cm
    280 pp., 757 illustrations
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