Antoni Arola

Antoni Arola, 2007

This catalogue-book responds to a double need: it is a companion to the exhibition "Ten light years", which opens at the Sala Vinçon in Barcelona before moving on to Madrid, Valencia, Turin and Milan among other destinations; and illustrates the results of Antoni Arola's ten years playing with light. That is because (and that is what this book is intended to show) he does not regard lamps as mere objects when he is creating them, but as opportunities to establish a playful dialogue with light.

Every lamp has a story, a reason why, a moment of fertilisation. And, above all, each lamp is the result of a creative process that starts from an occasional encounter or an idea that has been resting for a long time in the subconscious, and then gives rise to an object that not only illuminates, but can reflect that something which we aim to capture in the pages of this book, dedicated to a designer who likes "night to look like night"...


  • ISBN 978-84-934626-5-9
    Paperback, 16,7 x 23 cm
    192 pp., 169 illustrations
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