This is a selection of our answers to the questions that we receive the most frequently on Santa & Cole. If you have another question, please do not hesitate to ask us by means of the Contact form.

What is Santa & Cole?

Santa & Cole is an editing company. Its function is to edit those selected objects where it can recognize itself and to implement the most adequate way for a designer\’s idea, or an antique design, to become a reality and make it possible to be offered in the market.

What year was Santa & Cole founded?

Santa & Cole was founded in 1985 when Nina Masó, Javier Nieto Santa and Gabriel Ordeig, together with a small group of friends and family members, started a small company to edit objects they liked.

What year did Santa & Cole receive the National Design Award?

Santa & Cole received the National Design Award in 1999, granted by the Ministry of Industry and the BCD, in recognition of a relevant career in design. The jury paid tribute to the work carried out in business innovation based on the permanent collaboration with designers” and emphasizing “excellent urban furniture and its publications”.

What products does Santa & Cole edit?

Santa & Cole edits lighting items, interior/exterior furniture, urban elements www.urbidermis.com), plant elements (large format trees) and several essay book collections as well as biographical monographs of outstanding designers.

Where can I purchase Santa & Cole's products?

Santa & Cole’s products can be found in the main lighting shops in the world. Please contact your closest distributor that you would find in the Where to Buy section.

How can I contact Santa & Cole's distributors?

Our area directors are practically all over the world. If you would like to know which is your closest, you can look it up in the Where to buy S&C page.

Why does Santa & Cole edit books?

Santa & Cole believes it is necessary to diffuse the design culture, that is to say, a reflection on the material culture, to preserve the memory of designers and objects. For this purpose, it publishes collections of Design Classics and Contemporary Designers in Spanish and English about authors which work is a reference for new generations. In 2005, two new collections have been created: “Los Ojos Fértiles”, essays about industrial design and about questions that analyze the evolution of people in their every day’s life, and the “Management Policy Library”, in collaboration with ESADE business school, that includes the most internationally recognized books referring to the theory and the history of management.

Why is a pair of glasses Santa & Cole's brand?

The look, filtered through the glasses expresses Santa & Cole’s editorial and mediator role, that presents its personal view of everyday objects.

Why does Santa & Cole edit and does not manufacture?

Santa & Cole has chosen editing and not manufacturing to develop its business function. That is due to our interest in the intangible, where we find authentic value. This way we select the best suppliers for each component of its products.

What is a design publisher?

A design publisher is a company that does not produce; it orders the manufacturing and assembling of the objects it offers to the public, to external producers. Its work is to select the products it believes in and manage the operations that can turn a drawing or a layout into a final product and propose the best actions for its commercialization.

Where can I buy spare parts for Santa & Cole's products?

You can buy spare parts in our shops and showrooms, visit the Contact/Our Offices section. Any possible spare part you may need can also be supplied by any of the selling points network.

Do Santa & Cole products have a guarantee?

Of course, all the Santa & Cole products have a two years guarantee.

Where can I see Santa & Cole's products?

There is a vast Santa & Cole distributors and selling points network all over the world. You can contact us at the following telephone number +34 938 619 100 or write at info@santacole.com telling us where you are, and we will inform you of the closest selling points in your area.

What criteria does Santa & Cole use to decide the edition of a product?

The publishers present the product, or the idea, to an Editorial Board formed by seven people, a collective body which makes a unanimous decision whether or not to publish. 

How can I locate a Santa & Cole employee?

You can call the following number +34 938 619 100 or write to info@santacole.com

Where can I submit an application form to work for Santa & Cole?

You can call the following number +34 938 619 100 to receive information or complete the form you will find in the Work with Us page.

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