A conversation with Nina Masó

Santa & Cole editor and co-founder, Nina Masó, talks about the company´s beginnings creating unique lamps for some of Barcelona´s most famous bars in the 80s, that decade of upheaval in Spain where everything seemed possible at the end of dictatorship. “We wanted to make lamps and objects to surround us and to our own taste. Objects for ourselves and for friends who […] had the same concept of comfort as we did.”


Masó also explains how much light influences our daily lives, and its effect on spaces and people. “If there´s too much light on at a party, people will dance less and talk more […] We shouldn´t see ourselves so much, especially at night.” As well as re-editing objects, the idea is of handing down memory while looking forward. “I love retrieving an object that might have had a commercial life for a time but was then forgotten and disappeared from public life, and then suddenly you discover that object…”

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