Santa & Cole
A member of the generation of Spanish pioneers from the 50s, Miguel Milá now forms part of the history of contemporary European design on knowing how to bring tradition up to date with such elegance that many of his designs have gone beyond the specific circumstances in which they were conceived, maintaining their practical applicability to this very day. Among them, the most famous is this TMC lamp, designed in 1961 and immediately awarded the Delta de Oro by ADIFAD.
This latest edition by Santa & Cole appears in 2011, the fiftieth anniversary of the original edition, recovering important details from the first design but incorporating decisive improvements in the characteristic height-adjustable system of its circular shade. The definitive edition, according to its author.
Our catalogue is thus honoured to present the complete range of TM lamps by Miguel Milá (also including the TMM and the TMD), true timeless examples of our best design.
To see, touch, and feel the objects designed by this great master of Spanish design is a pleasure, as is to listen to him. As with any person of merit, Miguel Milá relates in a simple manner his beginnings, his concerns, his search for beauty, for the object capable of arousing an aesthetic emotion. He stops with special affection on the TMM lamp, which has already become a classic of the 20th century, and which he defines as "the object which best defines my conception of design". Again, the essential nature, beauty, emotion, truth…
Miguel Milá family.
TMC (1961), 2.TMM (1962), 3. Asa (1961), 4. TMD (1996),
5. Diana (1995), 6. FAD (1973), 7. Cesta (1964)