Olga Tarrasó

Valencia, 1956

Tarrasó graduated from the School of Architecture of Barcelona in 1982 and later studied a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. She has taught project classes and taken part in landscape workshops at various schools.

Since 1982 until 2000, she was a member of Barcelona City Council's Urban Projects Office. Her urban architecture projects include the refurbishment of Barceloneta promenade, carried out together with Jaume Artigues, Jordi Henrich and Miquel Roig, which obtained the 1996 FAD Award for outdoor spaces as well as the cover of the Ronda del Mig Ring Road in Barcelona (Década 2006 Award) carried out together with Jordi Henrich.

Since 1991, she has had her own architecture studio, created in association with Julià Espinàs, Espinàs I Tarrasó Associats S.C.P. specialized in urban transformation projects, in addition to designing lighting and street furniture elements. The latter include the Nu bench (1991), created in 1991 in collaboration with Jordi Henrich, which represented a real revolution in relation to traditional benches.

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