Causas Externas

Barcelona, 2007

The design studio Causas Externas was founded by Claudia Roselló and David Martí Vilardosa. They began by collaborating with companies such as Lékué or El Bulli. From 2008, and for a decade, they were part of the editorial team at Santa & Cole, for which they designed OCO (2009).

After completing their education at the Eina Design School of Barcelona, Claudia Roselló and David Martí Vilardosa decided to create their own studio, combining their first steps in the world of design with a collaboration for companies such as Lékué and El Bulli with the guidance of Luki Huber. One year later, they presented their first collection of objects, “Causas Urbanas” (Urban Causes), which arose from the observation and reinterpretation of elements of the urban environment such as a cone, a Vespa luggage carrier or a windscreen wiper from the mythical Mini Cooper. Following their “domestication”, they are moved indoors, becoming a candle, shelves or a mirror with a windscreen wiper. Since 2008, they have formed part of the publishing team of Santa & Cole, for which they designed OCO (2009), a garden lamp capable of discreetly lighting up the night, projecting a halo of light on the ground and a green or amber point in the sky, depending on the colour of the diffuser.

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