Antoni Arola. 2007

Inspired by the paintings of artist Mark Rothko, the famous abstract expressionist, Antoni Arola designed Corso in 2007. This wall lamp features a luminous arm that slides across a reflective background to achieve different colour tones, ranging from a vibrant red to a soft yellow. Like a light scanner, Corso enables the brightness of the reflection to be adjusted by moving the arm over the desired colour.

An original choice to set the scene and create an ambient lighting for every occasion.


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Technical information

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  • IP 20

  • Black metal structural frame with moveable arm.
    Printed Dibond recessed fixture with colour gradient (from yellow to red) and matte finish.
Light Sources
  • Light sources included:
  • 2 x Fluorescent. T5. Linear 24W.
  • Other light sources: Max. W
  • Input voltage: 100, 120, 230 Vac. (50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.
  • Bulb socket: G5 (Max. hgt. )


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