Globo Cestita

Miguel Milá. 2018

Strolling through Barcelona in the 1960s, designer Miguel Milá found an abandoned opal globe in front of a glass factory. He picked it up, and over the years, it became the heart of this large family. As its name suggests, Cesta (Spanish for “basket”), was designed to hold this fragile piece.

Freed from its structure, the opal glass now shines on its own, maintaining the elegance of a classic with a contemporary presence.

The Cesta family is made up of the Cesta, Cestita, Cestita Batería, Cesta Metálica, and Cestita Metálica table lamps, the Wally wall lamp, and the Globo Cesta and Globo Cestita pendant lamps, symbols of Mediterranean warmth and well-being. These iconic designs by Miguel Milá are part of our Design Classics collection, a series of objects created throughout the Modernist era.

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