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Vía Láctea

A very simple, functional modular pergola that has evolved from the Via Láctea street lamp. Its wooden-slat cover creates a pleasant shaded area during the day, while at night the space is lit by a line of light along one end. Its modular structure makes it highly adaptable to all kinds of space.

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Batlle is a Spanish architect who is particularly recognised for his work as a landscape architect. He has carried out numerous architectural and landscaping projects throughout Europe. Active in the academic world, he also gives lectures and classes at various international universities.

In 1981 he co-founded the architecture studio Batlle i Roig Arquitectes with Joan Roig. He is the Director of the Master's in Landscape Architecture at UPC BarcelonaTech, which is taught at the Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona as part of the European Masters in Landscape Architecture (EMILA).

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Barcelona, 1954

An architect who is most well known for his work as a landscape architect. He partnered with Enric Batlle in 1981 and they have since completed well-known landscaping and architecture projects throughout Europe, particularly in Catalonia. In 2008 they were commissioned for the Telefónica Corporate University project in Parc de Belloch.

He studied architecture at the School of Architecture of Barcelona and in 1981 co-founded architecture studio Batlle i Roig Arquitectes with Enric Batlle.

Since 1984 he has been teaching classes in architectural projects at the school where he studied, as well as on the Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the School of Agriculture of Barcelona.

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Product technical information

Materials and Finishes

Supporting structure made of hot-dip galvani- sed steel profiles with a paint finish.
Rectangular base poles of 150 x 100 mm and forked mast of 100 x 50 mm. The poles on the Vía Láctea street lamp side have a control hatch.
The shade has a rectangular section and is made of painted galvanised steel, to hold the fluorescent holder luminaires. The luminaire body, casing and refractor cover are made of coextruded polycarbonate and the side caps of injected polycarbonate.
Each pergola module comprises a structure of eight red pine timber slats treated in an autoclave (water repellent and fungicide), forming a surface of 18 m2.
It can also be supplied without lighting.

Autoclave Pine
Galvanised steel
Painted RAL 9006

2 fluorescent holder luminaires to house 2 linear fluorescent lamps of 58 W each.
Luminaires for a single 58 W lamp can also be provided.
The luminaires have an anodised sheet aluminium reflector in the interior for optimum performance.

2 x 58 W Fluorescent (T26 G13)

Installation and maintenance

The pergola is delivered in five parts: the pole, pergola structure, wooden slat structure, shade and luminaires. The installation is completely mechanical, without welding, and uses stainless steel screws.
The pole is fixed using a concrete cube made on-site and anchor bolts, 20 cm below the pavement surface.
A groove must be made for wiring.
The template, anchor bolts and trimming cover are supplied with the pole.
Usual replacements and maintenance for fittings.


Initial module
844 Kg.

Module for alignment in rows
725 Kg.


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