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T. +34 938 619 100
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A simple, functional street lamp created around an angle with a continuous rectangular-section shaft, designed to be useful without standing out.
Tubular structure comprising a continuous section in which the pole and the arm of the luminaire form the same piece.
The arm is inclined at an angle of 15 degrees to the horizontal and houses the

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Batlle is a Spanish architect who is particularly recognised for his work as a landscape architect. He has carried out numerous architectural and landscaping projects throughout Europe. Active in the academic world, he also gives lectures and classes at various international universities.

In 1981 he co-founded the architecture studio Batlle i Roig Arquitectes with Joan Roig. He is the Director of the Master's in Landscape Architecture at UPC BarcelonaTech, which is taught at the Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona as part of the European Masters in Landscape Architecture (EMILA).

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Barcelona, 1954

An architect who is most well known for his work as a landscape architect. He partnered with Enric Batlle in 1981 and they have since completed well-known landscaping and architecture projects throughout Europe, particularly in Catalonia. In 2008 they were commissioned for the Telefónica Corporate University project in Parc de Belloch.

He studied architecture at the School of Architecture of Barcelona and in 1981 co-founded architecture studio Batlle i Roig Arquitectes with Enric Batlle.

Since 1984 he has been teaching classes in architectural projects at the school where he studied, as well as on the Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the School of Agriculture of Barcelona.

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Product technical information

Materials and Finishes

Pole and arm made of a continuous hot-dip galvanised steel tube section with paint finish, measuring 120 x 280 mm and 2.5 mm thick (4.70 m street lamp), and 150 x 300 mm and 4 mm thick (7.70 m street lamp).

Galvanised steel
Painted RAL 9006
108 Luminaire

Optical unit with light distribution comprising high-gloss extruded anodised aluminium reflector and tempered glass diffuser, for metal halide or high-pressure sodium discharge lamps (max. 150 W). Two-level equipment can also be provided.

70/100/150 W MH (HIT-CE E27/E40)
70/100/150 W HPSV (HST-MF E27/E40)

108 LED Luminaire

Optical unit based on closed LED technology modules using light distribution refractor lenses.
Set of 3 LED modules each with three multi-chip LEDs (55 w max.) for a 4.7 m high streetlamp, and a set of 7 LED modules each with three multi-chip LEDs (132 w max.) for a 7.7 m high streetlamp. Neutral white light tone (4000 K). It can also be provided in warm white light tone (3000 K).
Adjustable electronic power supply. The LED modules can be supplied with 350 mA or 500 mA.

38 W 9 LED (multi-chip) 350 mA
55 W 9 LED (multi-chip) 500 mA
89 W 21 LED (multi-chip) 350 mA
132 W 21 LED (multi-chip) 500 mA

Installation and maintenance

The street lamp is delivered in two parts: the structure and the optical unit.
The pole is fixed using a concrete cube made on-site and four anchor bolts, 20 cm below the pavement surface. A groove must be made for wiring.
The template and anchor bolts are supplied with the pole.
Usual replacements and maintenance for fittings.
LED technology minimises functional maintenance of the luminaire.


4.7 m > 117.5 kg.
7.7 m > 265.5 kg.


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